Thanks for coming by. I’m glad you did.

The blog here at Tulee Main is a place to bring up and comment on things that grow in our mind as we read the book  ~  or just as we live our daily lives. Maybe it includes things like how we wish life to be lived.

The major sections (about this, that and the other thing) you’d expect to find in any blog are shown on the web site: www.peterskelley.com. This blog is actually a sub-directory of that site.

Just in case you somehow arrived without coming through the site, you can find everything you’d want to know – including how to get Tulee in print, Kindle and Nook by using the ‘Main Site Home Page’ label at the top of the screen. The BLOG! link on the site will always bring you back.

Finally, thanks again for coming by. Hope you enjoy the blog and comment often.


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