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Tulee Main . . . Where there’s a will . . .

Where there’s a will – there’s relatives.     No idea who first came up with that twist but it sure seems to be a truthful, if sad, commentary on us. In The Passing of Tulee Main, that very thing comes up. … Continue reading

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Tulee Main ~ ‘Meth-am-phet-a-mine’

The two couples idly chatted until MarLee, feeling left out, suddenly spoke up. “I know all about meth-am-phet-a-mine.” The complex word came out in small chunks as she struggled through it. Marlee’s eight. She’s the carefully protected granddaughter of Bart … Continue reading

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Crime – Tulee Main

‘The Passing of Tulee Main’ is a story involving a sturdy, honest family in a gentle, rural land – but the tale’s permeated with crime. “You’re going to kill her” . . . “What’s wrong with you, you drooling idiot?” … Continue reading

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Meth – Close and Personal

As ‘Tulee Main’ continues, we begin to learn more about Vickie; in a way, too much more. ‘The itching on her stomach had kicked in again. Usually it was around her face, but it had been spreading lately . . … Continue reading

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Integrity – Jimmy Brown

In a way, all of ‘The Passing of Tulee Main’ is about integrity. As you read it, you’ll probably see that. But one example in the story may stand out – Jimmy Brown’s innocent honesty. “Now, as the unusually warm, … Continue reading

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