. . . how should we then live?

Not an original question at all, but one that’s at the heart of ‘Tulee Main’.

Tulee‘s a story, hopefully an entertaining story; a mystery of sorts, a crime novel certainly, but more than anything else, a question. As you read deeper into it, I hope you notice that. This particular blog entry isn’t a ‘pop quiz’ of any kind. If you simply liked the tale, I’m glad you did. Still, the posing of Tulee’s virtuous (mostly) family and neighbors against the darkness of the Costa family and its intertwined allies isn’t unintended.

Beyond, and underlying, the numerous characters in the story are two unnamed: Good and Evil. They’re the two that actually strive against each other through the proxy actions of the Cleburnes, Mains, Costas, Summers and all the other folks who populate the tale. I think that through much of literary history that sort of thing’s been true in our stories.

In many of those stories the the good guy and the bad guy battle it out with swords, six-guns, wits or whatever and, in the end, the good guy wins. He gets the girl, rides off into the sunset, etc., etc. End of story. It seems to me that we wanted something like that, More, we needed something like that in our literature whether it was formal literature or just everyday chatter.

I’m not so sure that’s true anymore. Whether it’s in story form, in visual form (especially on the TV) or just in the office, the struggle seems to have changed into who’s going to get the most versus who’s going to be the loser.

‘Show me the money’, ‘what’s in it for me’, ‘I may be dying but I’ll die with more toys’, ‘you may be right, preacher, but it sure is a lot of fun’. Those look like the typical undercurrents in our stories, our lives and our relationships at this time. We don’t seem to care much about the question of how we should live; only about how much we can get while we’re doing it. Too bad.

It’s been over four decades since Francis A. Schaeffer created such a stir with his book of this title. It’s been close to twenty four centuries since the question itself was asked in Ezekiel 33:10. That’s a lot of history and tradition to simply disregard. Maybe we should¬† change our reading – and thinking – habits back more towards ‘. . . how should we then live’

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(This post is intended to complement the narrative and views expressed in “The Passing of Tulee Main”. To learn more about the book, press the ‘Main Site Home Page’¬† link at the top of this post. (Beyond the on-site material there, the Nook, Kindle and Amazon links have sample chapters available to view.)

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