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Tulee Main ~ Home Schooling

At one point in ‘Tulee Main’, Liz asks Bart, “Did you know Susan and Ben were trying to figure out a way to home school MarLee?” Home schooling is another subject that crops up as we follow Tulee’s family through … Continue reading

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A Short Journey

Last Sunday, I picked up my guest at the Tri-Cities Airport in Blountville, right in the heart of that ‘broad Holston valley’ crossed and re-crossed so often by Bart and Liz Cleburne in ‘The Passing of Tulee Main’. The flight … Continue reading

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. . . how should we then live?

Not an original question at all, but one that’s at the heart of ‘Tulee Main’. Tulee‘s a story, hopefully an entertaining story; a mystery of sorts, a crime novel certainly, but more than anything else, a question. As you read … Continue reading

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The Music

The Music. Almost more than the crookedly winding rivers, the quiet people, the craggy mountains or the rain splashing off a cabin roof into the strategically placed barrel – it’s the music that makes me most at home here in … Continue reading

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