It’s such a small word, just five everyday letters, yet it has been the mightiest of forces.

It kept Moses on a pain-filled, often thankless journey for better than four decades; frequently dealing with the whining, complaining and back-stabbing of the very people God had charged him to deliver.

It kept Caleb, Gideon, Joshua, Jeremiah and a host of others toiling to serve and protect His people from an endless stream of threats and failures, most often brought about by the same people being shepherded.

It caused – after some truly spectacular spiritual stumbles – the apostles to storm the entire world and, ultimately through their spiritual children, to win most of the then-known portion over to the banner of Jesus Christ.

It was largely instrumental in an exodus of sorts from Europe to North America.

It was the foundation of everyday life throughout that new world, including the middle Appalachians settled by the forefathers of Walt and Tulee Main. It’s true that not everyone stood on it without wavering, stumbling and often tumbling completely off – but, still, the foundation was there and everyone knew it – then.

. . . “Used to be there was a right and there was a wrong and we all pretty much understood both. Now, there’s lawyers and there’s CPA’s and the devil take the one who has the fewer of them.”  . . .

Andrew, more formally Pastor Andrew Johnson of Pleasant Hill Baptist, is in the midst of a reply during a neighborly chat with Bart and Liz. It’s part of his answer to Liz’s anguished question, “What’s gone wrong with all of us, Andrew?”

There’s more to the conversation – and much more to the action in ‘Tulee Main’ leading up to that point in the story. It’s way more than  would ever fit in a blog post. We’ll skip all the detail here. Read the book and tell me what you think.

I believe you’ll see that I think we need to get back to . . . ‘there was a right and there was a wrong and we pretty much understood both.’

Comment at will.


(This post is intended to complement the narrative and views expressed in “The Passing of Tulee Main”. To learn more about the book, press the ‘Main Site Home Page’  link at the top of this post. (Beyond the on-site material there, the Nook, Kindle and Amazon links have sample chapters available to view.)



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Author of 'The Passing of Tulee Main'. Formerly active in retail, service and manufacturing industries. Now enjoying the beautiful Tennessee country side of Tulee's Tyson County home and writing.
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