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‘Beautiful Homes’ magazines – whatever their titles – spend a lot of time on pools, patios, ‘great rooms’ and a host of even more gee whiz items.  That’s understandable; the publishers’ aim is often to get out on the edge in order to build interest (and advertising).

Some of those glitzy features are absolutely awe inspiring. True, others appear just silly, but I’ll frequently spend time looking at them.

And – having looked at them, I’ll usually put the magazine down on the little table in the professional’s office where I’ve been waiting and go on with my own life.

My life’s not that different than the life of many others; not much different than that of the Cleburns or Hackers in ‘Tulee Main.’ Here’s a little snippet from those lives: . . . “Ben led the group into the Hacker’s home and a surprised Susan welcomed them to the kitchen.”

Why there?

Page 311 obligingly tells us: “The kitchen was always the first choice for families to gather. The living room was only for people who weren’t known very well.”

In ‘Tulee’, the kitchen is the center stage on which people play out their roles. It’s a place of grief and comfort as Liz learns of Tulee’s death, a place of strength and encouragement as Liz and Bart work through their trials and it’s a place of discovery – as when an innocent eight-year-old girl unknowingly gives her grandparents the information needed to identify the evil Vickie (and they) are up against.

For many of us – including, I suspect, owners of those headliner homes in magazines – the kitchen is the center stage of our real lives as well.

I understand the allure of glossy articles about mega pools, the much bigger, has-it-all yacht, really cool twin turbo-jets or even the imported-from-the-Far-East dinner for two – flash frozen and ready for YOU!


It’s entertaining to read about this stuff, see it on the TV, hear it on the phone (I just hung up on a 2 days to Grand Bahama offer) or get into it on the laptop or smartphone. Sure it is. But listening to those around me, I wonder if the tidal wave of ‘gee whiz’ is flooding out the quiet currents of home, family and days spent together.

Just me, I guess, but I think we need to more often treasure those moments in the family kitchen -  and the families with which we’re blessed. What do you think?

Comment at will.


(This post is intended to complement the narrative and views expressed in “The Passing of Tulee Main”. To learn more about the book, press the ‘Main Site Home Page’  link at the top of this post. (Beyond the on-site material there, the Nook, Kindle and Amazon links have sample chapters available to view.)



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Author of 'The Passing of Tulee Main'. Formerly active in retail, service and manufacturing industries. Now enjoying the beautiful Tennessee country side of Tulee's Tyson County home and writing.
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