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Neighbors – Tulee Main’s and Ours

Jack is peering after the car moving out of sight along Porter Road: “Was a time when everybody would at least wave when they saw you. You and me, we’re gettin’ on hard days, Katie.”  (As you read ‘Tulee Main’, … Continue reading

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Integrity – Jimmy Brown

In a way, all of ‘The Passing of Tulee Main’ is about integrity. As you read it, you’ll probably see that. But one example in the story may stand out – Jimmy Brown’s innocent honesty. “Now, as the unusually warm, … Continue reading

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What Makes it Ours? – A Tennessee Home

What is it that makes a home “ours” in the sense that it’s ‘home’, not just ‘the place’ or ‘the apartment’, ‘the condo’, ‘the pad’ or a dozen different terms we use when we speak of the spot where we … Continue reading

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The Brutal Cloud – Methamphetamine

In The Passing of Tulee Main, the beauty of the land, the faith of the people, the love the families share, all struggle constantly under the darkness of methamphetamine. It’s not that Tyson County isn’t a gentle land; it’s not … Continue reading

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