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About Tyson County



Physically, there's no Tyson County anywhere in the United States, as far as I can tell.

That doesn't need to stop us, does it? This is, after all, a work of fiction.

The Mains and the Morgans of 'Tulee Main', as well as hundreds of other families, have lived in Tyson County, Tennessee, ever since their Scots-Irish forbears moved into the area close to 300 years ago. They've lived, loved and raised their families in the rugged hills where Upper East Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia come together in a rugged tangle of mountains and valleys. They've done all of it with unending vigor and an unwavering faith that still stubbornly holds on despite the pressures of a wider world that sometimes seems to scorn vigor and faith equally.

Hard work, tobacco, cattle, fruits and vegetables for far-off city tables, beautifully crafted furniture, lumber, minerals and music ~ gorgeous, pure mountain music, often played on instruments made by their neighbors in the way they've been made for generations ~ have filled their lives.

Are Tyson County and the folks inhabiting it truly fictional? Only in the sense that the places and characters in 'Tulee Main' are images drawn from their 'real life' counterparts in 'this' world. If you come to the corner where the three states meet, you can find these people as surely as you can in the pages of the book.