This is also a smaller photo. You can size it up to a little above 3 x 5 and have a lot of sharp detail. Beyond that, it may be something better viewed on the site rather than printed.


This photo is from Whitetop, a neighboring mountain just over the line in North Caroline.. Here, we're looking generally south-east, deeper into the center of North Carolina.

If we just turned around, we'd be looking right back into "Tyson" county. We would look into Johnson County, Tennesse, beyond that into Sullivan and Washington Counties and on toward the meeting point of West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. The Cumberland Gap is there - gorgeous views, lots of history and a nice park.

We wouldn't actually see the gap, only that far, far string of mountains where we know the Gap to be. Even without that close-up, it's a beautiful view - as is this one. The New River extends entirely across our angle of view. The river is lost in the valleys below us. The Blue Ridge Highway is lost in the far mountains. It, too, extends across our whole angle of view here.

On a day such as this, they're both worth driving to. Look up either or both on the web; you'll see some beautiful scenery.

WhiteTop is one of the area's natural 'balds', areas where the hillside trees give way to grasslands.

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"The Passing of Tulee Main" is a story that you'll enjoy as much as the beauty you see here.

Now we'rre getting a little away from the 'photograph' and more into 'this is the way I remember it'. It's usually called something like 'Photoshopping' and it involves doing something (in this case both color and contrast manipulation) to make the image "better".

Well sometimes "better" is to make the model or product into something it probably isn't, sometimes it's merely a whim and sometimes it's an outright lie.

That's why I usually try to point out images like this. Why'd I change it? Well, on this particular day, I just felt like it. Trying to get a little more 'painted' feeling.

By the way, in the last couple of images, I've resized the picture right on the screen, same as I pointed out you could do. One result is that your printed picture may not have exactly the same proportions as you see here. Close, but not exact.

  Rash Road 1
This spot is a few miles south of the one above. WhiteTop is eight or ten miles ahead on a line going just past where those trees on the left cut across the horizon. This is also - by the barest amount -a North Carolina scene. Rash Road, running along the ridge ahead of us in butted against Johnson County, Tennessee (our 'Tyson' County.) Some of what you see is Tennessee - in an area just to the uphill side of where the old Main farm is in the book. Only a short distance separates us here from the spot where Eb set out on that beautiful day to kill Tulee - 'help her along' as he put it.