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There are those more conscious of their Southern background and heritage than others. These links will take you to two groups of such people: The League of the South (click on the left image) and The Southern National Congress (click on the right).

'Tulee Main' is a book about a people (at least those in Tyson County) with values and outlooks that are becoming more and more distant in our 'changing' culture. I grew up with an outlook almost identical to theirs - although several hundred miles away from any place that could be called 'Southern.' I value the ideas and heritage of my youth and continue to hold them in high regard. I'm not particularly 'against' anyone or any group, nor do I dislike them because of their origin or heritage. I think we should all be able to hold our forebears and their contributions in high regard - whatever those may be. Further, I think that each of us should be able to maintain our historical local and/or state identity without artificial dilution as a result of big government/big business intervention. For myself, I find that I'm very comfortable being among, and a part of, a Western European heritage springing mainly from the Scots/Irish and other British groups.

These organizations hold very similar views. At least one, perhaps both, have been labelled publicly and repeatedly as a 'hate group'. I don't believe that's true. I urge you to spend a little time with them and learn more about them and their outlooks.



Southern National Congress



The Tyson County neighbors in 'Tulee Main' rest their lives on a foundation of family history, tradition and faith. That faith appears less wavering than that which many in the US currently enjoy. I'm not going to present an argument in favor of one 'flavor' of faith over another. Here, without introduction are two sites that present faith as a reasonable, everyday issue. They seem to reflect the attitude of those in the book. Click on either to go to that site.



The Southern Baptist Convention



Reasonable Faith

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