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HOW SHALL WE LIVE? That question has occupied us during all generations. It crops up especially in the context of raising our children and preparing them for a world we must some day leave them in alone. In 'Tulee Main', Susan sees home schooling her daughter as a foundational step towards preparing MarLee to cope with a society increasingly at odds with the family's (and area's) values. Read about her views in the book. I agree with them, many don't.

To our left is a link to some people who will strongly support Susan's view (and mine), to our right, you can find a link to one of many who abhore them. Meanwhile, just below us is a more or less unemotional dismissal of homeschooling. From another source.


This (below) comes from a contribution submitted June 20, 2011 to

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    Meth Sad and Glad Masks  

Meth ~ The Ecstacy, the Madness


Meth is the underlying madness in 'The Passing of Tulee Main' . From Eb's brainless "plan" to Brig's final moments, meth and its ingredients drove them and others steadily down.
Oddly, neither of them was addictied to it - Meth has a way of reaching beyond itself.

Click on the masks to travel to Meth's world and beyond - to a world of other addicitons


A Very Different Kind of Cooking

    Among the 'inside' community, Meth is said to be "cooked", not "made" or "manufactured" or any of those other words the rest of us would be likely to use. I once mentioned to an inmate that I had heard others refer to him as 'the best cook in the county'. He was deeply touched - really. I don't understand the meth folk but they sure are an interesting group as Deputy Isaac Sluder might say in 'Tulee Main'. Here are some different - and delicious - items that can be cooked up.    
Pic of Pumpkin Roll

Liz and Bart's son-in-law, Ben Hacker, has an almost insane love for the sweet goodness of pumpkin rolls. In 'Tulee Main', Chapter 30, 'Prelude', Ben's love of them comes to the forefront. Read about it there - and share Susan's exasperation. Just a few paragraphs further on, Liz makes the connection between Vickie and meth. The cooking all seems to come together here.

There are probably hundreds of pumpkin roll recipes ~ clicking on the roll to our left will start you toward one of them; just put 'Pumpkin Roll' in the little search box up top and away you'll go. Experiment with them all. I can't give you much advice; I'm not a pumpkin roll cook. One thing I can tell you is that Dora Adams and her daughter, Kathy Woodard, both make delicious pumpkin rolls - trust me on this. I come close to feeling the same about them as Ben does.


Since we're talking about good eating, good families and good times, let me toss in a few words for vinegar pie. Sure, I know it sounds a little odd, but it's g-o-o-o-d.

When the War for Southern Independence started to take it's toll, families like Bart Cleburne's forebears found it difficult to come up with the necessary ingredients for lemon pie. Enter ingenuity. Southern ladies found a way to make a pie with an almost identical taste - using vinegar.

The war's mentioned only briefly in 'Tulee Main' but on a long winding trip through Upper East Tennessee one day, I ran across the Clinch Mountain Overlook Resaurant- home of 'our original vinegar pie' as they used to say. It was delicious.

As with much of life, the restaurant seems to have moved on. The web site they had doesn't respond nor does their telephone. Too bad, nice people. Iwish them the best whatever they're up to now. But, on a much more important note: you need to be able to get vinegar pie - and here's a place to get the recipe.

  Photo of Vinegar Pie Slice  
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