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Tulee Main ~ Links to Other Sites

Here's a bunch of other sites - in no particular order - that you may enjoy.
Each has some kind of connection to an element in 'The Passing of Tulee Main'
Browse down through this and following pages as you will.
Southern Agrarian Wagon The Southern Agrarian


A nice blog by Stephen Clay MeGehee asking (and maybe even answering) some questions on how an intellegent people ought to live. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes practical, always interesting. A Southern slant in particular, a rural outlook in general. People from Alabama to Alaska and those in many other states could all be equally interested in this. Mr. MeGehee also blogs at a site concerning the Southern Gentleman,.

    Stewart's Crafts logo   Stewart's Crafts   At one point, the Stewart's decided to open a little business and utilize the web as one of their sales tools - just as Tulee's granddaughter Susan, is doing in 'Tulee Main'. Whatever success Susan will have remains in the future. The Stewart's, though, have achieved theirs already. Simple products, simply presented. I use them.
Picture of Dobro   To our left is a picture of a dobro, as you know, Luke Greever's pride and joy in the story of 'Tulee Main'. This image is from The Encyclopia of Appalachia. Click on the guitar for a great entry from the enclyclopidia. (Reference: "Dobro/Resonator Guitar." (2014) In Encyclopedia of Appalachia, Retrieved July 16, 2014, from Encyclopedia of Appalachia)  




    To our right is a little homemade graphic handle you can use to get to the main page of the encyclopedia. Our emphasis here is music - Luke's and his neighbor's, but you can find that and so much more at this site. It was obvious a link to the whole site was needed. Go - enjoy this University of Tennessee offering.

Encyclopedia of Appalachia

    Lake Watauga Photo Thumbnail Time and again, Brig Summers would go out on the deck overlooking Watauga as he struggled through the deadly mess in which he'd become emeshed. Probably one of the most evil characters in 'Tulee Main' (and, certainly, one of the dumbest), he paid a heavy price in worried anguish over and over before making that final payment to justice.
Leave Brig and his problems behind - Click on the photo of Watauga, to the left, and enjoy the lake.)
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