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Introducing a story you'll read . . . and re-read . . . 'Tulee Main'

Photo of The Passing of Tulee Main Book

He went up there to murder her . . . to "help her along" as he put it. After all, she was in the way
Maybe he did kill here. Then, again, maybe he didn't.

He's satisfied that he did, feels real good about it ---- His 'partner' is close to being ready to kill him over it.

We'll know if he did ----- sooner than some others who also die in the county. But it's not her death, it's her passing that matters.

When all is said and done:

It's the murderous determination of the "partner's" family
It's the maneuvers of Denise, that gold-digging witch
It's the secrets from her son's past
It's the loyalty and faithfulness of Tulee's family . . . THAT'S what matters
That's what makes a memorable story . . . Read it now.
Meth, murder, mystery and spiritual values meet in Tulee Main



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