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Glad you stopped by
The people in 'Tulee' have, in a sense, been my neighbors for a decade now. It's true that 'Tyson' County is fictional, but the same isn't true of Johnson County, Tennessee, where I'm privileged to live.

In my childhood, I lived in a similar country setting - seven or eight hundred miles north of here - in rural New Hampshire.
Over the years, I spent time in the US Army, a variety of retail and service businesses, a couple of decades in hi-tech manufacturing (aero-space, defense, bio-tech, semi-conductor, and so forth.)
Then as my wife's health deteriorated, we moved to the mountains here in Upper East Tennessee - and to lives we both thought we'd lost decades ago.
After her passing, I spent a couple of years with the Johnson County Sheriff's Department in a part of Tennessee where methamphetamine - 'meth' - is almost a way of life for some.

It's been an interesting journey - and it's come to rest in a gorgeous safe harbor ~ as a southern author, of all things.

The quietness and serenity, the physical beauty of the mountains and valleys, the peace; they're all part of what made this isolated corner of Tennessee special for us.
But it was the people, the values and beliefs of most, that made it truly 'home'.
Certainly, there are ugly spots - both physical and social - on the beautiful face of this hilly country - but they're few compared to the overall quality of life and the character of the people who live here.
These real-life Johnson County folks are the same people that live fictionally in Tyson County. They're good people and well worth meeting.